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What is included with each Subscription Package?

Each package includes at least 4 hours of research and reporting services per reporting period. A chart of typical results is found below. In addition, your report will include professionally cited sources and digital copies of all relevant source documents found. I'll also attach your results to your tree on either or

Each package also includes open office hours, where you can meet online with me and others interested in family history and ask questions about family history. For private conferencing, consider adding Genealogist-On-Demand Services to your subscription.

Additional hours, more extensive research services, and German translation services are available at contracted rate. Please contact me for details.

Additional expenses may be incurred. For more information, please see our FAQ section.

*For Premium members, Free Document ordering is limited to 2 per month of necessary UK documents only. Necessary documents are those required to establish identity. Others may be ordered at your own expense.  

For a complete description of services, please see the Terms of Service below.


How much Genealogy will get done?

There are no guarantees about what will be found as you begin genealogy work—sometimes families disappear from records or aren’t recorded where you expect them to be. But, for most people, the results to the right are typical. You may get a little more or a little less in each reporting period. 

Terms of Service

Subscription Terms of Service (pdf)